SVG 1.1 (Basic/Tiny) Schemata on RELAX-NG


This site provides the SVG 1.1 (and SVG 1.1 Basic and Tiny) schemata based on RELAX-NG. Now the status of the specification of SVG 1.1 is Recommendation in W3C.


Basic usage

  1. Get the zip-archive from this site.
  2. Unzip it(the directory "svg11" will be generated).
  3. Validate SVG 1.1 documents with the set of schemata. For example, if you want to validate it with Jing, you can type the following command in the console window (such as MS-DOS prompt):
    Java Version
    java -jar jing.jar svg11.rng svgSample.svg
    .EXE version, MS-Java VM is required
    jing svg11.rng svgSample.svg
    assuming that jing.jar, SVG documents and RELAX-NG schema exist in the same directory svg11.

If you need to validate SVG documents as SVG 1.1 Basic or Tiny, use svg11-basic.rng or svg11-tiny.rng instead.

Using RELAX-NG Schema as a module

You can use these schemata as one of the modules in your own RELAX-NG Schema. Simply include svg11.rng with <include> element. You do not have to specify the namespace of SVG 1.1.


Copyright and License

Copyright (c) 2002-2006 Yutaka Furubayashi (Poka-poka Dream Factory)

This RELAX-NG Schema on SVG 1.1 is available to be redistributed and/or modified under the terms of MIT (X11) Licence.


Converted all of the modules of SVG 1.1 into RELAX-NG version.