SMBmeta 0.1 Schema on RELAX-NG


This site provides the SMBmeta 0.1 Schema based on RELAX-NG. Now the specification of SMBmeta 0.1 is Working draft in Interland, Inc.


Basic usage

  1. Get the schema from this site.
  2. Validate SMBmeta 0.1 documents with the schema. For example, if you want to validate it with Jing, you can type the following command in the console window (such as MS-DOS prompt):
    Java Version
    java -jar jing.jar smbmeta-v01.rng smbmetaSample.xml
    .EXE version, MS-Java VM is required
    jing smbmeta-v01.rng smbmetaSample.xml
    assuming that jing.jar, SMBmeta documents and RELAX-NG schema exist in the same directory.

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Copyright and License

Copyright (c) 2002-2006 Yutaka Furubayashi (Poka-poka Dream Factory)

This RELAX-NG Schema on SMBmeta 0.1 is available to be redistributed and/or modified under the terms of MIT (X11) Licence.